Benefits of Having a Generator

When most people think about generators, they think about severe weather, but that’s not the only reason to have one in your home. Power outages happen everywhere and with cybercrime on the rise, security experts say it may be only a matter of time before our power grid gets compromised. If that happens, whole swaths of the country could face a long term blackout. A generator can help you get through it. Do you have young children or anyone with a chronic condition in your home? Having a generator can ensure they stay comfortable during a power outage. If someone in your home uses an electric wheelchair or scooter, a generator is a MUST.

A good generator can keep your home warm or cool, keep your food cold, charge your electronics, and keep important things like humidifiers and air purifiers going when the power goes out Some can even recharge your electric car!

To start, consider what your needs are and then how much wattage you’ll need. Most generators run on propane or something similar, so be sure you have a reliable source. It’s also important to not get more generator than you need, as you’d only be wasting power and fuel. Take careful note of whether the generator you chose is meant for indoor or outdoor use, and ever ever use one designed for outdoor use indoors! Doing so could cause a potentially lethal build up of carbon monoxide.

There is some etiquette involved with running a generator. Most of them tend to be quite loud, so consider turning them off after 10 or 11 at night so your neighbors can sleep. It’s polite to invite your neighbors to use your generator to charge their phones and such, so consider doing so.

If your generator spends a lot of time in storage, be sure to inspect it and get it serviced yearly. backup generator service Texas can get you started. Don’t use your generator if the cord is frayed or otherwise showing signs of damage, and turn it off immediately if it begins to smoke or spark. Always put safety first, and that means keeping children away and making sure all the adults in the household know how to properly operate it.  A generator could make rough times a lot easier and more comfortable for you and your family, so look into getting one today!

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