Are You Doing Everything You Can to Keep a Clean Kitchen?

The restaurant business is competitive, in some areas it might even be the most competitive local industry. As a result, your reputation and the quality of your food are both vital to your success. Great marketing is always a necessity to reach your customers, but quality food and a great environment keep them coming back so you develop regulars. If you’re looking to serve food with the purest, best-controlled flavors and you want to be consistent, a clean kitchen is the key. Cleanliness not only promotes public health and ensures you are in compliance with local laws, it reduces the impurities that can alter cooking times and change flavors as you work.

Cleaning Before, During, and After Shift

The cleaning process is not a one and one event you can go through periodically, it’s a part of your everyday management. That means you need to have a list of daily and weekly operations, as well as a firm handle on the timing of deeper cleaning cycles. The daily maintenance ensures that work surfaces and containers are properly cleaned between uses. It also minimizes health problems like cross-contamination and reduces residue and grease buildup. It can’t stop everything, though. your typically daily and weekly cleaning will not access things like the hood or the grease traps.

Deep Cleaning

When you need to do the periodic deeper clean, you can try to do it yourself by scheduling off-shift if your staff is well-trained. The other option is to outsource the cleaning to a dedicated team, which allows you to leave staff scheduling intact while enjoying an even deeper clean than your own staff is likely to be able to give you. The reason for that is simple, professional crews have dedicated equipment that most individual restaurants can not justify the cost of financing, and their staff uses it daily so they know how to get the most from it. For more information on deep cleaning for professional kitchens click here.

There’s no need to disrupt the flow of your workplace to get the clean kitchen your customers deserve. Discover more about what professional cleaners can do to make your restaurant more efficient, and gain an advantage on your competition.…

How to Choose A Ceramic Kitchen?

Choosing a ceramic kitchen backsplash can be one of the more enjoyable tasks of creating a new kitchen or renovating an old one. Many, if not most homeowners choose a ceramic backsplash because it is both beautiful and versatile. Made of clay that is fired in a kiln at high temperatures, the tiles of these types of backsplashes are waterproof, very tough, durable and easy to clean. They also come in hosts of colors, patterns and textures that are bound to complement even the most far-out kitchen decor. Because the colors are baked in, they won’t fade even in strong sunlight.

Should the Backsplash Go with the Countertop?

Some home decorating experts recommend that the homeowner match the backsplash to the countertop. This is simply because the countertop takes up much more space than the backsplash in most kitchens. Indeed, some homeowners base the entire look of their kitchen on their countertop, whether it is made of black granite, white marble, soap stone, travertine or tile.

Simple or Extravagant?

The original purpose of a backsplash is to protect the wall behind the counter, the sink or the stove. Because of this, some homeowners seek tile that is simple, such as subway tile made in one color. Other people want their backsplash to be an important part of the kitchen’s look, so they choose tile with patterns such as flowers, diamonds, chevrons, quatrefoils and others. These patterns can be inspired by other areas of the kitchen, such as the floor tile, a pattern on a floor mat or kitchen chair cushion. Even the look of the burners on the stovetop can influence the look of the backsplash.

The one thing interior decorators warn against is for the counters and the backsplash not to clash. If one is busy, the other should be relatively simple. One tip is to take a sample of the countertop, and show it to a professional tiler. They can help the homeowner find the best ceramic tile backsplash to complement it.…