How a French Drain Can Minimize Foundation Damage

Age and water are two biggest culprits in creating damage to your foundation that requires repairs. There is no way to defeat the march of time, but keeping your foundation clear of standing water will add years to the performance of this critical area of the home. A French drain system might be the solution you need to avoid a build-up of water near the foundation.

How a French Drain Can Minimize Foundation Damage

Elimination of Water From Rooftop and Eaves

Heavy rains can be both unpredictable and unpreventable. Water can begin to pool at the bottom of the home where the downspouts are located, which can slow the draining process, backing the water up to your roof. This can lead to damage of the roof and the foundation where the water will tend to collect. Adding a French drain system is an affordable way to keep your home and foundation free of water damage.

Removal of Standing Water Near Foundation Walls

Improper water drainage from around the home is a common cause of serious foundation settling and degradation. A French drain system is designed to remove areas of lateral water build-up and remove it from the property safely. The sooner and more effectively standing water is removed, you lessen the chance of damage.

The Dual Drain Solution

Most French drain systems are designed using a two hose water removal process. A trench is dug that can receive the water through the pipes, which is then dispersed into an existing culvert system, or dispersed safely into the ground. This process is done in such a way that you will not experience soft spots and weaknesses to the integrity of your soil.

Custom Water Removal and Distribution

All water pooling problems are unique to the individual property. A French drain system can be custom designed and installed to handle your particular problem. Correct installation will ensure that you have no trouble with clogs and the removal of excess water happens right away. Experts in reducing water damage to foundations will make sure that every side of the building is well protected and stays free of standing pools of water.

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