Tub Surround, Part 1

Although showers laden with ceramic tile look great, leaks are an inevitable reality of life. You can’t assume your shower ground is waterproof simply because you see no visible signs of tile or grout damage. Ceramic tile showers usually are not waterproof; they are water-repellent. Under the tiled ground surface lies about 2 inches of cement mortar. When using the shower, this mortar turns into saturated with water. Small weep holes” on the base of the drain fixture enable the water to move down the drain pipe. Still, over time the water infiltration can cause damage to the grout, causing loose tiles and crumbling grout traces. Shower liners beneath the mortar are what shield the subfloor from deteriorating in the same means.

As an instance if the shower pan mortar mattress that you are checking is 2 feet from wall to the point where you’re checking slope (typically the sting of the drain), then the distance from the level to the drain edge (the drop) needs to be 1/4″ per foot occasions two feet or half″. You will save some huge cash buy purchasing unmixed grout from the store Design Bedroom. A little bucket of pre-mixed grout can easily run you $forty five, whereas a field of un-combined grout that equals the identical quantity will likely be round $15 or $20. The difference? Water. You might have heard about rectified tiles and puzzled if these mechanically minimize materials don’t require grout for the set up.

The instruments required for tile backer board set up embody: utility knife, straight edge (level or T-sq.), screw gun/drill driver with phillips bit, tape measure, marker, dust mask, mesh tape and float. You can use electrical tools to cut the backer board but in the event you do, you’ll want to use personal protective respiratory equipment. The silica dust created when chopping can cause lung cancer.

Mark the areas of all studs alongside the highest fringe of the backer board. Screw the backer board to the studs with cement board screws. Space the screws in order that they’re approximately 8 inches apart along every stud. The fringe Dream Home of this board will overlap solely half of the edge of the final stud it covers. These drain covers at the moment ship in 7-10 business days. If time is a matter, please contact us prior to ordering.

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