Using Ultrasonic Inspections to Increase Revenue

With only 3 of every 10 hours considered to be productive, it is crucial to maximize production time and the capabilities of expensive equipment whenever possible. Large pieces of equipment are comprised of hundreds and thousands of components, each being integral to the machines function. Inspecting and maintaining these parts can be very time consuming and therefore expensive. Having an efficient process to inspect equipment and access its condition is a great way to save time and ensure that all parts are in fully functional condition. An ultrasound inspection is a great way to provide this service while increasing potential revenue.

Ultrasonic testing is a process that uses high frequency sound energy to evaluate and examine materials. It can be used to test for variances and look for defects or imperfections in the surface or subsurface of a material. When a defect is found, it can be measured and accessed for any other potential damage that could be created. The resulting sound waves from the testing can be interpreted by sophisticated software to create a three dimensional image of the defect for further examination by maintenance staff. The system is highly accurate in determining the size and shape of an object or defect and has become a very trusted resource for imaging of equipment for evaluations and diagnostics by maintenance staff.

Having a means of inspecting and evaluating equipment for defects or potential issues is a very important part of the maintenance process for any equipment. Finding small flaws quickly is the best way to eliminate the possibility of a more expensive damage occurring. Being able to conduct the inspections with the equipment in place and without requiring disassembly is a great time and money saver. The use of ultrasonic inspections will greatly reduce maintenance costs, loss time and loss of revenue due to equipment failures.


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