When and Why Spiders Enter Your Home

Whether dealing with the common, docile American House Spider or the dreaded, venomous Black Widow, your home is likely the last place you hope to see a spider crawling or spinning a web. However, these eight-legged creatures frequently make their way into people’s home and can even become a much larger problem that warrants the assistance of a spider pest control company if a full-scale infestation occurs. Knowing when spiders are most likely to travel into your house and why they appear in the first place can help you effectively keep them outside the walls of your home.

When Is Spider Season?

While spiders can potentially make their way into your home any time of the year, you’ll most likely see a lot more of them starting September or October as temperatures start to drop. Since your home is warm and sheltered from the extreme weather conditions outdoors, spiders will invite themselves in to stay safely protected inside. Additionally, September is the beginning of the mating season for many spider species. Females might seek a nice spot in your home to make a nest, which will cause males to scale your walls looking for a mate.

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What Attracts Spiders?

Apart from seeking shelter and a place to mate, there are several other reasons a spider might be tempted to bunk in your home for some time. For one, spiders enjoy hiding in dark, undisturbed places, such as a corner in a closet, behind furniture, or a quiet place in your garage. Removing clutter and frequently cleaning your home can give spiders fewer places to hide and can help you rid of any existing webs. Spiders may also enter your home if there other insects living inside that they can feed on. Other bugs might be attracted to your home because of crumbs on the ground, bright lights, or an open window inviting them in.

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